Ribbon Cutting and Unveiling of Restored WWI Veterans Memorial

Press Release:

TO:                           ALL USERS

FROM:                 Mayor’s Office

RE:               Ribbon Cutting and Unveiling of Restored WWI Veterans Memorial

The City of Clinton, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, has scheduled a ribbon cutting and unveiling of the restored WWI Veterans Memorial at the site on Friday, November 1, 2019 at 10:30 A.M.

The WWI Veterans Memorial is located at the east end of 5th Avenue South in Riverview Park.   The City hired Andrzej Dajnowski, PhD, owner of the Conservation of Sculpture & Objects Studio from Forest Park, Illinois to clean and restore the bronze WWI Veterans Memorial.   Dajnowski and his team worked on the memorial with a new laser treatment process developed by his firm.

This will be the first outdoor art object in Iowa to be restored with the new laser process.  The Clinton County WWI Veterans Memorial is an important and significant Iowa outdoor art object.   Two of America’s most famous sculptors worked on this memorial.  The Memorial was designed by Lorado Taft and the sculptor of record is Leonard Crunelle. The Memorial was cast by American Art Bronze Foundry, Jules Berchem & Son Chicago, Illinois - dated 1930.

The Veterans Memorial is listed in the Smithsonian Art Museum catalogue.  The Memorial is also designated by the WWI Centennial Commission as a National WWI Centennial Memorial and is listed as an endangered Iowa Outdoor Art Object.   The memorial area contains the names of 232 Clinton County service members that were either Killed in Action or Missing in Action during WWI, WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War.  The City through the Monument Committee is spending approximately $45,000 for the restoration and plans to replace the concreate around the statue, place two new flag poles on either side, and relocate the two DAR benches and fountain on site.