Solid Waste (Garbage) And Recyling Program Information




Grey Cart = Solid Waste                   Green Cart = Yard Waste


  • Place cart in the appropriate location on collection

Day with arrow pointing in the proper direction

  • Carts need to be out by 7 AM on collection day
  • Place all trash bags in the proper grey cart
  • Place all yard waste (grass, leaves) in the proper green cart
  • Make sure the lid is closed properly at time of collection
  • Place cart away from garages, homes, recycling buckets, parked cars, etc. on collection day
  • Return the cart to your house/garage when empty

 *Do not put Solid Waste in green cart or yard waste in grey cart – the city will not collect the waste unless it is in the proper container –


  • Put hazardous waste, paint cans, oil or electronic waste in the                


  • Put construction debris in the cart
  • Put hot ashes in the cart
  • Overfill the cart or Pack trash too tightly
  • Do not park any vehicles near the carts on collection day
  • Paint or write on the cart except in space provided on the cart lid or remove the cart from your residence

 If you have any questions regarding collection, please contact the                         City of Clinton Public Works Office at:  242-0261





Your recycling collection person offers this reminder to ensure

That your materials are collected in the best shape possible for recy-

cling.  Your assistance with the following will insure a strong recy-

cling program in the City of Clinton and in Clinton County

  • All recycling materials must be set out by 7 Am
  • DO NOT cover the recycle buckets with plastic
  • Plastics #1 through #7 will be accepted (check in the triangle on              the bottom of the container).
  • Plastic bags are not accepted in the recycling program -

      (they may be returned to stores or thrown away)

  • Food and beverage glass only (clear, green & brown)
  • Remove and throw away all lids, caps and pumps
  • Food and beverage tin cans must have all labels and lids


  • Cans, glass and plastic must be properly cleaned - rinse

      All materials before placing them in the bucket

  • DO NOT mix glass with plastic and cans
  • Newspaper, magazines & corrugated cardboard only will

      be accepted – no other paper, junk mail or any hard-cover books

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes must be flattened and less than 3 feet
  • by 3 feet in size
  • DO NOT bundle newspapers with twine, string, or tape – place loose
  • in the bucket
  • Bundle magazines with twine or string only
  • NO garbage should be mixed with recyclables
  • NO medical waste of any kind is acceptable
  • NO oil containers 

If you have any questions regarding collection, please contact the                         Clinton County Solid Waste Agency at:  242-5320