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The of the Grant Committee is to identify and collect information pertaining to state, federal and/or private grants available to the City of Clinton.

Membership of the Committee is comprised of nine (9) persons, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council, who shall serve without compensation, for staggered terms of two (2) years.
(A)   Membership shall consist of the following:
  (1) Mayor;
  (2) City Administrator;
  (3) One (1) member of the City Council;
  (4) One (1) representative from Downtown;
  (5) One (1) representative from Lyons;
  (6) One (1) representative from the Clinton Regional Development Corporation;
  (7) One (1) representative from the Clinton Chamber of Commerce; and
  (8) Two (2) residents from the City of Clinton.
(B)   The Committee will meet monthly;
(C)   The Committee will designate a chair and a recording secretary;
(D)   The Committee Secretary will prepare an agenda or work plan for each meeting;
(E)  The Committee shall create and staff subcommittees as necessary to formally apply for and/or pursue specific grants identified and selected by the Committee;
(F)   A record of the proceedings will be kept in the same manner as official minutes of the City Council.

The Committee shall have the following powers and duties: 
(A)  General.  The Committee shall research/identify grants available to the City, conduct fact-finding with respect to such grants, and make determinations as to which grants, if any, the City shall apply for. The Committee shall have the authority to create any and all subcommittees deemed necessary for the effective administration of the duties and objectives identified in this Section.
(B) Budget. The Committee shall utilize funds allocated by the City Council, as well as donations and grants to complete projects and maintenance within the scope of subsection (A).

City staff support for the Committee shall be the City Administrator or his or her designee.