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Single - Stream Curbside Recycling

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Single-stream curbside recycling will allow for all of your recycling to go into one 95-gallon blue cart. The collection for recycling will be every other week. There will be a Week A (red week) and a Week B (blue week) for the schedule of collection for recycling.

Once single-stream curbside recycling is started, residents will have three carts for their collection of items at the curb. Please remember that the black cart is for garbage, the green cart is for yard waste, and the new blue cart is for recycling. 

Single-stream recycling will take the guesswork out of recycling and make it a simple process for more recycling to happen in the City of Clinton. It is the goal of the City to help residents reduce the amount of waste taken to the landfill, which could ultimately help reduce the amount paid on your monthly solid waste bill in the future!  

This image is on the lid of each recycling cart. 


Thank you for recycling in Clinton! The following information will be delivered with your cart. Please notice that some routes have changed for both recycling and solid waste with the new program. 

 Here are some helpful links for the recycling program:  

 Calendar for Week A and Week B       Map for Collection        What Can I Recycle?  

 A video on single-stream recycling in Clinton.