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Special Interest Classes

To register online: Click on red fly out box,
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Dog Programs at Clinton Parks and

Dog Instructors:    Judy May 
Class Location:      Riverview Pool Bathouse  101 1st St, Clinton, Iowa 
Register at:           Ericksen Community Center

Registration Deadline:   
Session 1 -   Session 2 -      Session 3 -       Session 4 - Mar.  29th, 2021 

Each class will require a minimum number to be registered.  A soft light-weight nylon buckle collar and
6' leash are required.  Any breed of dog will be accepted provided they are at least six months of age,
proof of distemper, kennel cough (12 wks), rabies (4 mos) and parvo shots must be presented at time of registration (marked receipt from vet). 

Puppy and Dog Obedience (formerly Kindgergarten for puppies and dog obedience)  now combinded class for puppies at least 12 weeks of age and all ages of dogs. The class is designed to introduce you and your dog to a collar and leash, to endure handling and to obey simple commands.  Also helpful hints on grooming, housebreaking, gnawing and chewing.  This class is designed to help you learn how to train your dog being consistent with your commands and by knowing what verbal commands and hand signals to give your dog. 
The canine good citizenship test to be taken during the final class.  Recommended the same person should handle the dog at each session.
Day & Time:     Thursdays:  6:30pm - 7:30pm
Registration:    $40.00
Late Registration (only if availability permits)   $47.00

Limit:     6 minimum; 10 maximum
Date:     Session 1 - 
              Session 2 - 
              Session 3 - 
              Session 4 - April 1 - May 6

Dog Agility Training - This course will give dogs exposure to jumps, contact obstacle, weave poles and the basics of canine agility.  All breeds of non-threatening dogs allowed, AKC certification not required.  The
main prerequisite is that the dog must be able to effectively work off leash.
Prerequisites - Dogs must be nine months old minimum and show proof of successful completion in a dog
obedience class prior to participation.
Day & Time:     Tuesdays: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
                          Registration:  $40.00
                          Late Registration (only if availability permits)    $47.00

Limit:     5 mimimum; 8 maximum
Date:     Session 1 - 
              Session 2 -
              Session 3 -
              Session 4 -  March 30 - May

Xtreme Hip-Hop
                      with Tiff!        

Xtreme Hip-hop is a revamp of traditional step aerobics.  With routines set to old and new school hip hop, makes you want to get up and move while getting a great calorie burn!  This one-of-a-kind fitness program offers one simple make you LOVE working out!!!!  A party you won't want to miss!!!

Register online or at the Ericksen Community Center
First Classes
Starts:      Feb. 16th - Mar. 18th  (10 classes)
Future Classes Start:    Mar. 23rd - Apr. 22nd (10 classes)
                                         Apr. 27th - May 27th (10 classes)

Where:  Ericksen Community Center  (Lower level small gym)

Tuesdays and Thursdays    
Time:  6:30pm - 7:30pm
Participant Fee:  44
Late Fee: $51

Community Garden  2021

The Clinton Community Garden Committee wishes to welcome all experience levels of gardeners, from those who have been gardening for years, to those who want to learn new or better ways to garden and to those who are novices and beginners. Individuals, families and groups are all welcome to rent one or more plots.
The Community Garden is an organic garden site located at the corner of 13th Ave N. and N. 14th St. Plots sizes are 10 feet by 10 feet and allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Some specially designed plots are used to grow food that gets donated to local food pantries. Seeds and tools are available. Low income discounts are available by calling the Sisters of St. Francis at 563-242-7611. 
The garden plots should be available by the end of April with the accessibility of water weather permitting.
Click here for Community Garden User Registration 2021 and Form and Plot Layout

Safety Town  2021

This special course designed for children entering Kindergarten in the Fall 2021, is 5 days of learning how to be safe and becoming familiar with safety services guided by teen instructors, many of whom are Safety Town graduates themselves!  The course is organized into four 30 minute activities.  Topics include crossing the street, fire, bike safety, stranger safety AND be visited by community service & safety personnel.  Children will learn by classroom instruction, video and practice in ‘cars’ & on foot in “The Town”. 



                        For more information, call 563-243-1260