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Club Activities General Information

                                               Club Activities
Here at the Ericksen Community Center, we have informal adult activities for men, women, and retirees.   Spend a few hours enjoying  the same interests with friends, or making new acquaintances.  Stop by and check out what we have to offer!    

Still able to walk from 6am to 9am but must wear mask and social distance.

WHO:                        Adults
DAY & TIME:            Year Around 6am-9am
SITE:                         Ericksen Community Center (lower level)
FEE:                          ECC Club Membership $20


Join your friends for a game of billiards and friendly conversation.  Informal meetings Monday, thru Friday.

 WHO:                        Adults of Retirement Age
LOCATION:               Ericksen Community Center Game Room
DATES:                     Year round (except the week before Labor Day)
DAY & TIME:             Monday thru Friday 1pm - 3:30pm
FEE:                          ECC Club Membership $20

Still able to meet upstairs in the Club Room but must social distance.
Bring your favorite needle craft hobby and a friend or come by yourself and make new friends.  Enjoy a social morning of needlework, conversation and refreshments.

WHO:                             Adults
LOCATION:                   Ericksen Community Center, Room A
DATES:                         Year round
DAY & TIME:                 Tuesday, 9am-11:30 am
FEE: ECC                      Club Membership $20


Still able to meet upstairs in the Club Room but must social distance. 

The avid card player is welcomed to join the fun in a game of bridge with good conversation and a potluck of snacks. Singles and couples both  welcomed.  Instruction not provided.

WHO:                                Adults
LOCATION:                      Ericksen Community Center, Room A
DATES:                            Year round (except holidays)
DAY & TIME:                    Tuesday - 1pm-4pm
FEE:                                  ECC Club Membership $20


Square Dancers

The Riverboat Rustlers meet one Saturday each month, throughout the year, at the Ericksen Community Center. Monthly socials are on Saturdays with an annual Club membership. Four couples dance as a team, to a variety of music and rhythms, moving from partner to partner until they return to their original partner and the music ends. 

For exercise, friendly chatter and just plain FUN, the Riverboat Rustlers Square Dance Club holds monthly dances at the Ericksen Community Center for members, potential members and out-of-town guests. 

Saturday Night square dance dates, callers and themes are for 2020- 2021: 

November 7th -             Pumpkins Day                              Caller:  Jim Williams     - Cancelled
December 5th -             Christmas Dance                         Caller:  Tommy Russell - Cancelled 
January 2nd -               Casual Dance                                Caller:  Tommy Russell - Cancelled
February 6th -               Super Bowl                                   Caller:   Tommy Russell
March 6th -                    Crazy Hats                                    Caller:   Dave Schulz
April 3rd -                      Gospel Night                                Caller:   Tommy Russell
May 1st -                        Kentucky Derby Dance               Caller:   Curt Braffet
June 5th -                      Red, White & Blue (casual)         Caller:   Jack O'Leary

DAY:     Saturdays, 7:00pm to 9:30pm
SITE:    Ericksen Community Center (downstairs small gym) 
LIMIT:   4 Couples Minimum
FEE:     ECC Club Membership Participant Fee:     $20