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Clinton Fire Department has 3 stations strategically placed throughout the city. Each fire station holds different equipment that might be needed for the variety of calls we attend to throughout the city. 

Central Fire Station (#1)
344 3rd Ave S
Clinton, IA 52732

Built in 1936 it houses the majority of apparatus.  Stationed here is the Battalion Chief, Company One consisting of a Lieutenant and an Engineer and Ambulance One consisting of an Engineer and Firefighter.  Personnel at this station take care of EMS equipment, vehicle maintenance, station maintenance and personnel.

Chancy Fire Station (#2)
2303 S 14th St
Clinton, IA 52732

Built in 1957 this station was originally a single engine station. In 2011 a remodel and expansion took place to be able to station an ambulance and ladder truck. This expansion allowed us to provide a quicker response time for an ambulance to respond to our South-end citizens and industries.  Personnel at this station take care of EMS audits and fire hose repair.

Lyons Fire Stations (#3)
2311 Roosevelt St
Clinton, IA 52732

Built in 1915, Station 3 just celebrated it's 100th year anniversary.  It houses an engine and an ambulance.  There are anywhere from 2-4 personnel stationed here depending on staffing.  This station is home to Company 3, staffed by 1 Lieutenant and 1 Engineer, and at times of full staffing Ambulance 3, Staffed by 1 Engineer and 1 Firefighter. CFD maintains most of there own equipment in house. Currently we have 2 Lieutenants who have been trained to maintain, test and repair our Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus ( SCBA). Station 3 holds the proper equipment for this task. By doing this CFD is able to save money and time on repairs and maintenance.