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Chief of Police   Chief Kevin Gyrion  
Deputy Chief   Deputy Chief James Ballauer  
Special Operations Commander   Capt. Joe Raaymakers  
Investigation Divsion Commander   Capt. John Davis  
Patrol Division Commander   Capt. Pat Cullen  


The Clinton Police Department is comprised of three Divisions: 

Patrol Operations Division

The Patrol Operations Division of the Clinton Police Department is the largest division; it has 24 Police Officers patrolling the city of Clinton, which covers 38.01 square miles with approximately 27,000 residents.  Officers work 12 hour shifts patrolling the city 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Officers are also assigned to foot patrol and bicycle patrol. The Patrol Operations Division is responsible for patrolling all roadways, alleys, parks, residential, and industrial areas of the City.  Officers on patrol are responsible for enforcement of City Ordinances, traffic laws, and criminal laws. The police department had over 28,000 calls for service in 2014, resulting in over 4,500 criminal complaints. The other divisions of the Clinton Police Department function in support of the Patrol Operations division.

Criminal Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is responsible for follow-up investigations of all crimes. The Investigations Division will investigate most crimes where the offender is not on the scene at the time of report. The Investigations Division will investigate all felony crimes (except felony drug charges) and assist Patrol in the completion and trial preparation of felony cases.

Criminal cases are divided into two general areas. General Criminal Investigations and Narcotics related Investigations.

The majority of investigators are assigned to General Criminal Investigations. These cases include violent crimes and property crimes.

The Investigation Division also coordinates the tobacco and Alcohol compliance programs with the State of Iowa to determine whether retail outlets sell tobacco or alcohol to minors. The state reimburses the city for the costs involved with this work.

Investigators interact with criminal justice agencies on the local, state and federal level daily. We strive to create an excellent working relationships with these agencies and their employees. This partnership has resulted in several successful federal criminal prosecutions in recent years

Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division coordinates special events occurring within the City of Clinton, these events include, but not limited,  parades, running / walking events, outdoor sporting and concerts, along with National Night Out. The Special Operations Commander supervises the Records Section within the Clinton Police Department. The Records Section is responsible for processing and keeping all documents created or received by the police department. The Special Operations Divisions contains the S.C.A.T.T. unit and School Resources Officers.  The Community Activity/Social Media Officer position and Public Service Officer are also contained in this division. The Special Operations Division is responsible for all CPD training and scheduling. This division also contains the H.E.A.T unit.