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How Will this impact my day to day happenings?

  • Will they still pick up my garbage?: Garbage pickup will be carried out like normal we plan to schedule the paving around the weekly garbage pickup, should other arrangements need to be made you will be contacted in advance  with the necessary directions.


  • Will my mail still get delivered?: Yes! Mail in your area is delivered by foot and postal carriers will still have full access to your mail boxes.


  • Can I drive on it?: Yes! Following  the milling of the surface  the roadway is still fully usable. The final asphalt lift as always can be used soon after its completed we just ask that you avoid sharp turns the first day.


  • What about my car that I park on the street?: There will be a couple days when you cannot park on the road. In order to make sure the road is clear and the work can be completed as scheduled we will deliver letters informing you of when we will be restricting parking. During these days we ask that you park on side streets to accommodate the installation of the new road surface.


  • How long with this take?:  The concrete crew has already begun but should not impact traffic at all. When the paving crew will be on the road working is only limited to less than two weeks but will be carried out by more than one crew. Each crews work may be separated a couple days after the previous crew however, during this time between work we will be sure the road is fully operable.