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Turtle Creek Rehabilitation

The sanitary sewer that coveys waste from 30th Ave North down to 27th currently runs below the  banks of Turtle Creek. Over the years its likely that they creek banks have been altered, perhaps the channel of the creek as been altered but no matter the cause the current alignment of the creek overlaps with the existing Sanitary Sewer. This combined with a sewer that is quite old has resulted in a sanitary sewer that has holes and cracks. During large rain events excess storm water is finding its way into the pipe that is near the creek which results in a sanitary pipe that exceeds its maximum capacity resulting in basement backups in the area.

Project Overview

In order to address the backup issue the City will be constructing a project that will see the installation of a new sanitary sewer located outside the creek banks. Not only will this problem be solved but we will also work on other infrastructure concerns in the area. Two concrete culverts will be replaced, a third culvert will be removed, nearly 5000 LF of new storm and sanitary sewer. Nearly all of the roads will be replaced with new PCC roadways including curb and gutters. Roads to be reconstructed in concrete include: 28th & 29th between Pershing and 3rd. 27th Avenue North from Pershing to 29th Ave North. 

Project Timeline

This project is currently expected to start in June.