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The City of Clinton Iowa has adopted the Iowa State Building Code, see Chapter 154 of the City of Clinton Municipal Code, this chapter shall apply only to new construction. All required inspections shall be performed by Community Development Department or by an individual or agency approved by the Building and Neighborhood Services Director or his or her designee. The Building and Neighborhood Services Director or his or her designee shall have the authority to accept and approve reports of inspection by approved agencies or individuals. Reports of inspections shall be in writing and be certified by the approved individual or the responsible officer of the approved agency. The owner of the building or structure being inspected shall bear all costs of the inspection. 

The current codes enforced are:     2018 International Residential Code
                                                        2018 International Energy Efficiency Code
                                                        NEC 2014 (Electrical Code)
                                                        Chapter 98 "Tree Ordinance"

Permit applications can be found in the link "DOCUMENTS and FORMS" on the left.
A copy of the City of Clinton building permit fees can be found HERE.