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Spring Ground School

March 3 - April 28, 2022
Thursdays at 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Cost: $450 plus tax *Supplies included in price. 


What is Ground School?

In order to get earn your Pilot’s License you are required to pass a Federal Aviation Administration written test.  In ground school, you will learn the information covered on the FAA’s written test.  Topics covered include:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft performance
  • Airspace
  • Weather Theory
  • Communications & Radar Services
  • How to read & understand aviation sectional charts
  • Flight Operations
  • FAA regulations
  • Safe Flight Operations
  • Navigation
  • Weight and Balance

The Ground School Course lasts nine weeks and includes two practice tests to help prepare the students for the written test.  Once you complete the class, and pass a practice test a flight instructor will sign your logbook off to take the FAA’s written test. 

This is the second formal ground school held at the Clinton Municipal Airport since P&N Flight and Charter started their operations in July of 2019.  The first class was offered last summer and was attended by 5 students.  Since then, 1 student has taken and passed the FAA private pilot written test, and 3 have enrolled in formal flight training with P&N Flight and Charter.  

Flying lessons can be completed during or after ground school has finished in P&N’s Piper Cherokee.

P&N is now including an intro flight in addition to the ground school when the course fee is paid. The Intro Flight is a 30-minute flight where the student takes control of the aircraft for the first time and does basic maneuvers such as turns, climbs, and descents under instructor supervision.

Classes are open to anyone age 14 and up.

Materials for the class will be provided by P&N Flight and Charter. 

Please call P&N Flight and Charter at 563-244-4770 if you are interested in signing up for the Spring ground school course.

Enrollment is limited to 6 students due to the size of the classroom.